Saturday, July 11, 2009

4th of July.

Wow. Along with all my other posts we went boating for the 4th. Then we went and watched fire works at my uncles house!Jacy and Allee.




My grandma.

Girls camp!

The latter day league girls camp! That was fun and teaches you alot. The leaders make it fun too! I love going to girls camp and i'm glad I got to go with my old ward! I just got back from Island park with my new ward I will have pictures from that later.

Swim Camp.

Swim Camp was a blast! I got to see my friends from last year up their and take a really cool diving class! Crew


Me, Taylor, and Allee.
Thanks for taking me Auntie Lucy It was fun!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Relay for life.

Relay for life! One of the funnest things I look forward to every year. This year our team raised 2,600 dollars I was pretty proud. It was a way fun night. We had some pretty crazy fundraisers we did! (Keep in mind some of these pictures were taken at 4 in the morning!)

Morgan looking real happy to be awake.

Quincy's hair!


Madison a little hyper-ish!

Brylie she's a bit tired.



Makenna and billie.


Mariah, Caitlyn, and Ciara.

Madi and little Sadie.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

ツLast Day of school. Yay!ツ

I'm so excited to be out of school! Even though we haven't had any nice summer days yet. It's still pretty awesome!

Some of my girl friends!
[From L to R] Me, Mara, Margie, Cydney, Morgan, Shylin, Ginger!
Me, Margie, Mara, And Becca.
You gotta love Margie's beard face painting.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fun Pictures! :]

I haven't been blogging good at all! But nothing really interesting is going on in my life right now But I had a Few pictures That i really liked. So I put them here!

This is the ONLY picture mckinley said she wanted. haha

Yes, Me,Whitney,Angie,Jaxson and a bunch more people went to the david Archuleta Concert! It Was AUHMAZING!!! It's pretty late post but i have the same pics as whitney so nothing new.

Jaxson and Me!

Waiting in line! ahh it was very long!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Me and carlee!


Me and Cydney! (love the glasses by the way)

And me and carlee again!
lately i have been just hanging out with my friends,so i thought i might post some pictures!
(I could'nt find most of them though...)